Final Personal Project: The New Normal


I have created this website to showcase the work that I have been creating during lockdown. As our Final Major Project gave way to a more personal project, I found myself with a few different series, ranging from my staged and planned FMP images, to those I have been working on for fun and to keep up my skills during the pandemic. 


My final photography project for year one is inspired entirely by the disruption caused in our day to day lives by the COVID-19 virus, and government restrictions that followed. I have created a few different series surrounding the idea that we can be whoever we want and do whatever we want in the comfort of our own homes, where we have been instructed to remain as much as possible. It was left to us to make light of the situation we suddenly found ourselves in, so I decided to have my family members help me out by dressing up in various costumes and carry out their daily activities. I focused on missing out on events, on our favourite hobbies, and discovering new ones to help pass the time and keep our spirits up - along with the perception of time having become warped in itself.


The challenge of remaining in lockdown and being unable to access certain facilities and areas has meant that I have had to be a lot more creative with my work, and having to come up with new ideas to give it all a professional finish. I have tested out in camera techniques such as using a long exposure to make light trails, and have been predominantly using natural lighting and changing up my camera’s white balance to give off new and colourful effects. I feel this time has tested my skills in a very different way, and if anything helped me to think thoroughly and come up with new ideas and solutions on the spot.



Liana Murphy, Photography Level 3, Year 1